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Equimach is found in the machine tool market, and it is dedicated to retrofitting of used industrial equipments with cutting edge technology, adapted to every type of need from our partners. Particularly focused on CNC machines, our team holds 20 years of full experience, allowing us to offer costumizes, adjusted and specific solutions to each partners projects.

Our solutions excel for renovation of equipments that enable real-time machination, with fast, effective and smooth movements. This goal is only possible with our partnership with GSK, second best worldwide selling brand of commands.


We belive that the use of modern digital technology on controllers and servo motors, to rehabilitate CNC machines, is an economic, effective and reliable option to boost the competitive edge and modernization of your company.


What we do

The reabilitation of used machinery is a solutions that alows to increase the competitive edge of your company. It allows:

To save up to 50% of the investment compared to new equipments;

The reabilitated machines dont present limitations unlike the new equipments;

It is possible to introduce some adjusted improvment to the equipment acording to the costumer specification, depending on your projects we can be more specific regarding some technical details as the rpm of the spindle, the torque of the motors, etc. offering dynamism that you can't get with new equipment.

Our gains are technical skills. Our mechanical, electronics and programming knowledge is assured which allows us the introduction of improvment and new performances on your equipment.

We also offer a service specialized in the reparation of electronic CNC Machine-Tool equipment, assuring the relation quality/price/speed of service.

We offer techical assistence for every type of Machine-tool, convencional or CNC.

In case of malfunction do not hesitate to contact us!

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Generate value to our partners by offering technological solutions, adapted to their projects, develop our team technical skills, constantly look for better, most innovative and dynamic solutions in the metalworking



Be the reference of excellence in rehabilitating industrial equipments




Satisfy our partners, communicate openly, consistently and efficiently, manage our actions reflecting high ethic standards, respect our team’s ideals and values.




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